Next up was…..

Next up was…..

So the next thing I made and started to get a little more adventurous..not much though lol

I decided that I would make My Cousin Pamela, a baby blanket. She is currently pregnant with her 3rd child and 1st Boy !

There is also a hat with a MASSIVE pom pom on it which is in the pipeline.

600909_4799678118419_1454866321_n 941717_4799680198471_1567822084_n269764_4799682478528_1274634470_n

I also want to post another picture of the blanket as I got some hand made stitch markers (only showing 3 here she made a set of 6 different ones) made for me by this lovely lady, who I’m pretty sure could make anything you asked her !



5 thoughts on “Next up was…..

  1. I have to say I LOVE the blanket and I’m pretty sure the MASSIVE Pom Pom hat which is in the pipeline I will also LOOOOVE!


  2. I love this!! Might even have another baby just to get one! (only kiddin by the way) ……(about the baby!)


  3. Must admit I did love doing this…….although It wasn’t the first one I done…the first one was started in only white baby wool and was 3/4 done and I ripped it out as I thought it looked too hospital blankety :-/


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