To machine or not to machine

To machine or not to machine

Looking for peoples input, I have made blankets etc with just wool but thinking of doing with wool and then attaching fabric to one side (maybe even stuffing for pram covers) I have seen a reasonably priced sewing machine that I think would work for this and has various stitches that can be made but I’m dubious as to if it would work or not ?? Anyone done anything like this before ?


5 thoughts on “To machine or not to machine

  1. Sorry, I can’t help you. I once had a hand held sewing maschine and I hated it, because one has to hold it steady. My brain doesn’t work on holding+ steady+ designing+ thinking+following the stitches + pattern in mind all at once. So it didn’t work very well. I had to fringe things many times and my project STILL looked not good. I am not much on sewing to begin with and have a sewing maschine that only sews forward and backward. i can’t stand the tangle mess with sewing maschine, who have fancy stitches. So you see, I am NO authority or could give advice.


  2. I have not done anything like this, sorry. When you say wool – do you mean cloth? If so this may be a great idea as you have the warmth of wool and then a potentially funky ‘other’ side. Go with your gut. Good luck. x


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