Works in Progress

Works in Progress

Today I was thinking about having a few works in progress and have decided it is a good idea as sometimes when you have a lot of parts to make for one peice (like with hippo) its good to take a break from it and work on something else, not that I get bored making the same stuff but it keeps you going I think, just a wee ten minute change of pace and style.

Let me know what you all think


3 thoughts on “Works in Progress

  1. I agree with KerryCan but beware of starting too many. I fell into the “always starting, never finishing” trap for a long time. I’m currently resisting a fierce urge to buy a hippo pattern because I know I have too many projects already started. But the hippos are so adorable… And Fatty Lumpkin the horse… Look what you’ve done to me with your dastardly link!


  2. lol go on …….you know you want to.
    I currently have no wip apart from the hippo which has all her parts made, just needs put together \o/ me for a wee change


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