The Small Wool Gathering

The Small Wool Gathering

would love to go to something lime this, keep it up 🙂

Agrarian Artisan

I returned home from a lovely weekend at lunchtime today. What was the weekend? The Small Wool Gathering – 12 of us who had met on P3 last October and March. P3 was developed by Amy Singer and Brenda Dayne, a wonderful weekend in Pembrokeshire with workshops by Amy and Brenda in a glorious location. But this October P3 was cancelled and some very enterprising people who attended previous P3s decided something must be done to keep P3 alive ! And so we did.
So that is where I was this last weekend……and I loved it! It was at Pedington Manor in Gloucestershire, a beautiful large country manor capable of taking 20 guests. Catherine and Jenny organised us and did all the cooking – yes ALL the cooking – breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the gorgeous cakes and biscuits for tea and coffee.

I LOVED IT! Amy Singer came to…

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