Stock Piling

Stock Piling

So I moved all My wool stash from side of My couch to its new home in the big cupboard and is looking fab, buuuuut I seem to have bought 6 more balls of wool, robin baby aaron, 2 baby blue, 2 baby pink and 2 white !

Also on other stock piling matters. I was checking all the patterns I have got online and there seems to be around 300 !

Don’t know how many of them I have actually made, not many I think. I get them and think I will make that give it a go and lose the will then think I will go back to that lol

I should really start at the beginning and make everything lol


3 thoughts on “Stock Piling

  1. I received a yarn winder as a gift. The balls produced pull nicely from the center which is great. Better still is the fact the balls have flat bottoms and tops meaning they can be stacked… making them easier to store… making them take up less space… allowing me to buy more yarn and wool!!! lol


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