I’m loving it

I’m loving it


First off this was done using same pattern as below. I have now made 3 of these little cardis and love doing it, the pink i followed pattern to a t, the blue i made larger, made it about 3-4 months, and the white i followed 1st part of  yoke and then just kept going, just same stitches as Bev used. I think I may be confident enough to alter the pattern a bit now, maybe add sleeves etc….My real problem is the buttons, think I’m going to need someone to do these for me but who :-\


10 thoughts on “I’m loving it

      1. 😦 Sounds like you need a local friend who can sew buttons! do you have an LYS you spend time at? maybe they have a stitch and bitch or something where you can find a button buddy?


      2. yeah im.on ravelry, most of these things on during day i would think, and I Work so no good, Im sure i can talk someone into helping lol


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