MND Cornflower motif

MND Cornflower motif

Things I want to create before wrinkles overwhelm me

About a month back I read a post by one of my followers LOz’s Little Crochets asking if anybody could try crocheting for her, the cornflower motif of MND(charity for Motor Neuron Disease) .

Being one, who loves pampering her vanity and ego, I dint want  to miss this 😉 It seemed so simple afterall.  Seemed !! That is right. The truth is, it turned out to be the most difficult idea I could translate into crochet so far !!!

I googled, youtubed, read and scanned blogs, pictures and videos. I tried different techniques and made ten failed attempts. Now my ego was really getting bruised 😀 This was such a mirage. You were so close, yet so far from it. But I cracked it last week and came up with the motif below. This is as close to the picture I think I can ever get.

                                                         MND logo


                                                      Crocheted version


I will work up and post the pattern…

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