202 posts and 76 Follows

202 posts and 76 Follows

That is me now reached the goal of over 200 posts and 76 followers to date. I never thought I would get this far when I started it, infact didnt even think I would keep it up to be honest.

I do love My little blog though, for many reasons. I love having a little place for My crafty stuff even if no one ever read it, I like having it. Reading all the blogs I follow aswell is a fab thing, love seeing all the wonderfull items that you all make and they inspire me to try new things. That is not always easy with me being partially sighted, one of the few things I don’t need My white cane for is crocheting lol

You have all been a wonderfull help to me at one point or another, with or without realising it, sometimes its just reading a post someone has made, a comment that has been made on my blog or actual help with a crochet/pattern problem. So a big Thank You to each and everyone of  you and keep up the good work, love seeing all the pictures too.


8 thoughts on “202 posts and 76 Follows

    1. I am certainley going to keep at it, I find crocheting quite theraputic, do get annoyed when I cant make things and would like to make smaller things but eyes just wont allow it, dont think I will ever give it up though


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