Cornflower motif – my first pattern !

Cornflower motif – my first pattern !

Things I want to create before wrinkles overwhelm me

Yay !!! I am a designer now ! Well, atleast that’s what Ravelry calls me 🙂

After posting about my battle with the cornflower motif here last week, I honestly thought it was a fluke that I ended up with that look- alike motif of the MND logo. I doubted if I could retrace back from memory the stitches for the pattern, (I never write my patterns as I work my projects), but miraculously, I could !!! even after one week  😀

After writing,  editing, photo-ing ( 😀 ) and testing every step, I had it up on Ravelry today. To xloz68x in particular and  all you wonderful followers, here is my first pattern.  The Cornflower motif.


I would be delighted if you could test my pattern and would love to see your versions of this.  The pattern might look exhaustive and complicated (I just made it look so, heee heee) but I assure you, it is a breeze 🙂

Download here.  

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