ok firstly imnot looking for anyone to say nice things about my work and especially dont need to hear if its not true, but in saying that, I posted my last two hats on a crochet site as one post on one site, it only got 5 likes, then posted seperately on onther site and one with ribbon only got 5 likes too. so my confidence has taken a little knock, which doesnt help as i dont have great faith in the quality of my work,but i will keep at it and keeptrying to get better, love my crocheting and even if i go back to only making blankets, i will keep going:D


16 thoughts on “Confidence

  1. Please don’t let “likes” or lack of “likes” shake your confidence. You do very good work and I like your projects. As long as you are passionate about what you do, then do it to your heart’s delight. Just keep on keeping on.


    1. I am quite proud of the little white hat with the ribboni made recently as it was something i had been strugglingwith bit now i know how to start that shape, i can throw in allsorts of stitches

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      1. Yeah, I think at best the only thing I could ever crochet was a scarf but I did enjoy even that little bit. I dabbled in embroidery, knitting, latch hook rugs, macrame and loved it all.


  2. Someone once said is none of our business what others think of us and I’ve tried to keep that in the front of my mind as I have ventured into my low-key blogging. I’m guilty of forgetting to “love” something. I’m also guilty of only looking a couple of times a month at other blogs. It’s the nature of this. We crochet and blog because we love to crochet and blog. I’m busy with work and family and in my down time, I don’t do things that don’t please me. Do this for yourself. It’s the best love.


  3. Since you started following my blog, I came to check out your entries. There’s a saying: “Don’t sweat the small stuff – and it’s ALL small stuff!” If YOU like what you’re doing, that’s all that counts! I started a Knit/Crochet group in my area 7 years ago – there are about 6 EXPERT knitters and some in crochet as well – I know I will NEVER reach their level of expertise but I’m happy plugging along with what I do, at the skill level I’m at (Intermediate knit/beginner crochet). The point is: I am able to create things (chemo caps, baby hats, blankets, scarves, shrugs/shawls, etc.) – maybe not all people would be happy with that, but I AM! You just keep on being YOU – doing what YOU do most excellently and don’t worry about others – what they think or say or even create. The world needs YOU doing just exactly what YOU are able to do – so don’t give up! (glad you made a stand in the one comment saying you’ll crochet until you’re blind – and, I’m guessing when/if that happens, you’ll figure out how to do it by feel/touch, right?)
    Hugs! Pam L. (aka: grammypammie


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