this happenend to me tonght ad to frog around 30 rows, nearly full thing, octagonal blanket as mistake at start meant it was making a bowl shape, dont know what i done, as i have made it before and it worked



5 thoughts on “Me

  1. Hi Loz
    I grew up with crocheted items all over the house–blankets, tea cozies, sweaters, etc. What I’ve seen of your work is impressive. And I do feel your pain over those horrible knots. As someone said “If angry, count to 10; if very angry, 100.”
    Keep up the good work. And thanks for stopping by


  2. Or you’ve worked on an amazing piece of writing and for whatever unknown reason neglected to hit “save,” computer crashes, and cannot remember what you wrote. Yeah, I hate when this happens on so many levels. I like your projects that I’ve seen you post here but I’d lose my mind if I got far into one and had to start over again.


    1. Im more than halfway through the one i had to rip out, would be worse to lose writing and not remeber what you had written, i at least have the chance to do it over and have the result i wanted in first place. Thank you for posting and always press save !

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