What if any are the crochet stitches you haven’t tried but would like to and why haven’t you tried it yet.

Mine are Jacobs ladder and star stitch.
Reason always pick something easier first

(Pics not my work are from the crochet crowd and name on other picture)

Or if you are another kind of crafter what is it you have still to try what is it and why




7 thoughts on “Stitches

  1. I love the star stitch pattern. I knitted it once and it was really hard but such a pretty result. I think that i want to try broomstick lace next now that I have a really, really big needle to try it with.


    1. I tried the first row of star stitch and i think i got that ok and second row, was doing next row again of star pattern that got me.
      Broomstick lace is lovely stitch too, one i haven’t tried either.


  2. (I do crochet, but am mostly a knitter). When I saw your two stitch choices, there are also both of those in Knit patterns, too. The Jacob’s Ladder, in my humble opinion, is really simple – the Star Stitch not so much. Have done both but reserve the Star for small projects. As to the Broomstick Lace – been there/did that – not a ‘fun’ project for me, as you first have to place all the stitches ON the needle, then crochet them off (two steps to each row). Guess I’m a bit lazy – preferring quicker/easier stitches. Good for you for challenging yourself with new stitches!


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