Rudi the guide pup

Rudi the guide pup

So I was having a laugh at work the other day, was at hospital for my eyes and had a rubbish day there.

I am partially sighted so was joking about Me getting a guide dog and that it would be a choc lab called Rudi………So I ordered a toy one off crochet at little coat for it with working button and said it is its reflective jacket that guide dogs use, have even borrowed a pink toy dog leash of My Neice lol can’t wait to see the persons face i was joking with about it at work. I know it might seem a little unthoughtful or hurtfull to people who use this( which I am also eligible for Myself) but everyone has different ways of coping with things and I have had a very tough week with more tough times to come (hopefully not too many) and this was My way of having a laugh. 

I made the pattern up as i was going. Hope you like and no one is offended.



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