Mrs Jack’s Super-Express Portable Porridge, 9p.

Mrs Jack’s Super-Express Portable Porridge, 9p.

Im goingbto try this for sure, love porridge at work for brekkie and hate paying for the sachets ! plus mrans i can have exactly the kind of poridge i want 🙂 Thank you to you and your readers



After last weeks porridge experiment, several of my readers got in touch to tell me that they do something similar, but with dried skimmed milk. Well, I rushed to the supermarket to pick up a bag, to solve another household problem.  So Thankyou dear readers for this ingenious idea – I’ve made a Super Express Portable Porridge pot from a clip-lock container from the 99p store, a pen, and a minutes work. And I’m pretty chuffed – as it almost halves the cost of the predecessor porridge! Wahey!

All prices are Sainsburys Basics, I have it on good authority that Tesco and Morrisons have 1kg of oats for 75p, so if you live near one, go get em and make me “well jel”, as we say here in Essex…

Ingredients (makes around 30 portions):

1kg oats, £1.19
400g dried skimmed milk, £1.01
250g sultanas, 42p (84p/500g)

(Add sugar, cinnamon or…

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